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Re: Admn: Advisors

What is IP's critereon and byelaw requirements for appointing advisors?
Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> Just to let everyone know:
> a) Nizam Ahmed, who is the President of "Making Our Economy Right" at
> Dacca, Bangladesh, has joined as Honorary Advisor. He has been with us
> from a long time. He is very impressed by the work we are doing and
> in mind plans to establish a similar forum for Bangladesh with help
of a
> Bangladesh Member of Pariament friend of his, who believes in a
> change in the economic system of Bangladesh. Let all these dreams of
> reviving the South Asian sub-continent flourish and actualize!
>       Nizam's work can be seen at:
>       http://www.atlas-fdn.org/moer/
> His is one of the 47 'free market institutes' in the world today and
> has been the co-publisher of the
>        Freedom of the World Annual Report - 1997 
> He is doing a great job, virtually single-handedly, I learn.
> b) Harvi Sachar, the publisher of Silicon India, has joined as
> His work, for those who are not quite aware of it, is to be found at 
>       www.siliconindia.com.
> He has hosted a series of 10 submissions from Sam Pitroda (now
coming to
> an end) where ideas somewhat similar to what we are thinking about,
> been covered. He is also the host of the Center for Civil Society's
> website.
> We are lucky to have both of these persons on board the Management
> council. We can gain a lot from their respective areas of expertise.
> SS

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