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Re: Prof. Guptara can't be serious

Professor Guptara's Comments:
>      If I am a Tantrist (which I am not), I must perforce consider other 
>      alternatives either wrong or at least less right (or more exciting, or 
>      more likely to yield results that I consider worthwhile) than Tantra - 
>      or I would not be a Tantrist.  
>      This is plain ordinary common sense as far as I can see, on the same 
>      level as choosing a profession or indeed a brand of toothpaste.
>      Some derogatory remarks have been made about my comparison of choosing 
>      the brand of toothpaste one might prefer to choosing between things of 
>      greater significance.
>      As far as I can see the process of thinking one goes through 
>      (whether in choosing one's brand of toothpaste, or one's opinions 
>      regarding historical questions or political questions or ethical 
>      questions or policies for IP) 
>      is EXACTLY the same; one looks at alternatives and chooses the best  - 
>      which implies that the other options are less good or perhaps 
>      downright bad.  

        I think this position is only partly correct. It is definitely incorrect
in the case of most of Indians (at least many that I had the opportunity
to discuss religion) when it comes to religion. A lot of us believe all paths
to be equally true, and one is free to choose a path that is most sutable for
his/her temperament. I am surprised that Dr. Guptara, who had written a booklet
on Indian spirituality, completely missed this beautiful concept of not mere
'tolerance' but wholehearted acceptance. 

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