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Re: Admn: Online voting: Problems of -

I think that it is almost impossible to develop a fool proof voting
system given the way we operate virtually. I agree with Dr. Subroto
Roy that we should have a very simple voting system. Hopefully people
will recognize that we're doing this to improve India and not to see
who is right or wrong or whose view is more popular. We will have to
rely on  the honesty of our fellow Indian's. 

Also regarding the issue of updating our homepage: I'm busy with my
studies these days and hence some of the updating has not been done on
time but I'll get to it as soon as I can this week. So if you have
sent me a e-mail message in the past week or so to add something to
the home page and I haven't replied back or haven't added it to the
web site I'll do that this week.

Happy Diwali everyone!


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