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Re: Week's Topic: Defence & Foreign Policy

Dear Arvind

While I thoroughly agree with you regarding improving our relations with our 
neighbours (including trade, etc.), I can't see why you rule out re-unification 
and confederation.

IMO we should concentrate on improving trade and removing/neutralising 
contentious issues as a first step, but then be open to other steps that could 
lead to deeper union.  It took Europe some 50 years since the first treaty (on 
coal and steel, in 1952) to getting only as far as economic/monetary union which
takes place in a few weeks.  But they did not get this far either by ruling 
anything out or by forcing the pace too hard; they did force the pace of 
unification as fast as they could (and in doing so had to leave out the UK and 
some other countries) but at least kept a large core with them.

As the economies of the whole world globalise and regionalise, it would make 
sense for us to build a strong economic area around us and, in time, seek 
monetary and then political (re)union - as possible - depending on the 
reaction/response to all parties.

I do not see any objective why, in time, there cannot be a unified economic area
stretching from Pakistan to China, Philippines and Indonesia/Papua New Guinea 
(assuming they all wish to join, of course).  Naturally, there are all kinds of 
subjective reasons why many countries may not wish to join.

Ultimately, of course (and actually in the not too distant future) I think that 
global economic unification is impossible to avoid unless one wants to shut 
oneself off from the world (as Nepal and China and Japan, to take three very 
different examples) tried for varying lengths of time - with disastrous effects 
on their social and economic progress.

Professor Prabhu Guptara
Director, Organisational and Executive Development
Wolfsberg Executive Development Centre
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Subject: Week's Topic: Defence & Foreign Policy
Author:  Arvind (Arvind@simexmail.com.sg) at nyuxuu
Date:    16.10.98 19:43

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