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Re: Here we are: Prof. vs. Student!

My opinion is about all the higher education and not only to IIT.
India's BCOM, BSC programs are abysmally lowly funded. Because of this
low funding our colleages don't have the infrastrucre needed to
improve the quality and number of people that graduate. We have only
one course general BCOM and not many specialized course. We are not
teaching basic management principles to majority of BCOM students who
work in industry. One needs infrastructure to improve the quality of
education and to graduate more people. IIT are lucky that govt. spends
on them 20000 Rs per year public's money, but what anout other million
odd people graduating from colleages.

My suggestion did not say that govt. should cut down on what they are
already spending. But to educate masses with good quality one needs
resources. In my opinion government in collobration with private
industry can propose low interest loan which needs to be paid after
one graduates. This student loan idea is great since it allows
students with low income as well to study and pay loan later when they
start working. With more capital our thounsands of other colleages can
provide better education, more options to students, more jobs, better
professor etc... I know lot of IITian's in USA and frankly non of them
pay back 200,000 Rs * 4 years Rs once they start earning in dollars.

I don't support the govt. on this front at all....

---Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> Prof Subroto Roy, from IIT Kharagpur, said:
> -------------------------------------------
> Mr. Gala is surely right.  Higher education financing is a scandal in
> India. As a professor here at IIT, I see absolutely no reason why the
> taxpayer should be subsidising each BTech student to the tune of some
> Rs. 200,000 per year just to see him/her disappear to some US
> university's Master's program followed by his family in due course.  
> India gains nothing at all. There may be a case for subsidizing e.g.
> Mining Engineering or Agricultural Engineering to some extent but
> absolutely none for Computer Science or Electronics or Mechanical.
> Charudatt, in USA for umpteen years, and a product of IIT, Kharagpur,
> said:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Again on a personal note, I know my parents could never have sent me
> study at IIT if the costs had not been publicly funded. The same is
> for 90% of my college classmates.
> -Charu
> I think we need a proper debate and a mechanism to solve this
> - I hope Charu's case is NOT for taxpayers of India funding IITs so
> he can spend his life in USA.
> SS

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