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Re: physical versus economic force

 Dear Udhay
     Yes of course you are right: religions (all that I know of, anyway) do 
     rely on "revelation".
     The question is that you and I, as thinking people, have to consider 
     which (if any) of these claims to revelation we accept.  THAT is where 
     the question of persuasion, debate, etc. comes in.
     Not only that.  In every religion that I have studied (and I have 
     studied several since the age of fourteen) there have been debates 
     WITHIN each religious tradition which have modified or solidified (or 
     modified AND solidified) that religious tradition.
     It is up to each of us to think through and accept/reject not only the 
     entire gamut of beliefs/ideas/values which are bundled together as 
     Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Marxism or whatever, but also EACH 
     INDIVIDUAL ELEMENT within it.
     Thus a self-confessed Marxist is at complete liberty to say that s/he 
     accepts element "a" but not element "b"; and a Muslim is free to say 
     that s/he accepts all elements in Islam but not the pronouncing of 
     fatwas on non-Muslims such as Salman Rushdie, or any other elements if 
     s/he does not like/accept them; and a Jain is free to say that s/he 
     accepts everything in Jainism but doesn't particularly like Jain art, 
     or whatever (I have even met Indians who don't like Indian cuisine, 
     which to my mind is unthinkable!).
     This kind of distinction is exactly similar to the way that Professor 
     Bhagwati accepts the academic brilliance of Professor Amartya Sen but 
     not his policy recommendations.
     The process of debate, discussion, thinking, persuasion, choosing, is 
     EXACTLY the same whether we are talking about toothpaste, religion, or 
     IP policy.
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Subject: Re: physical versus economic force
Author:  N.UdhayShankar (N_UdhayShankar@maaln.satyam.net.in) at nyuxuu
Date:    15.10.98 19:15

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