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The Logic of Perpetual Peace

I would be grateful if the original ideas herein are not quoted without =
my permission and due acknowledgement.  I have had an unpublished paper =
of the above title circulate for a while in Delhi, with the Pakistanis, =
and in Washington D. C.   Too many times have I had ideas blatantly =
stolen by worthless academics, bureaucrats, journalists etc.=20
It may be very helpful in this and other subjects to get the elementary =
facts right for a start.  Can anyone put on the website the balance of =
armaments between India, Pakistan and China at present?  For example, we =
have 19 divisions on the Pak border, and they have 19 divisions facing =
us; we have 11 facing China, and they have goodness knows how many; we =
have 40 squadrons vs Pak's 20 squadrons in the Air Forces.   Can we just =
imagine the effectiveness of a defence alliance between India and =
Pakistan on the lines of, for example, the Australia/New Zealand =
arrangements?  =20

Kashmir?  Everyone, I mean everyone, has to stop looking at Kashmir as a =
plot of land and start looking at it as a population -- Muslim, Hindu =
and Buddhist -- which has been devastated for 50 years by the idiocy, =
mendacity and greed of rival power-structures...  Therefore, normalise =
life, normalise life, normalise life.... all refugees come home, all =
arms are laid down, all terrorism stopped, families reunited, schools =
open, places of worship open, markets open....  I mean all of J&K, the =
part they control and the part we control....  for that there must be a =
major political initiative....  let life normalise..... over five =
years... it will require a TriPartite Agreement (who is the third party? =
obviously the Kashmiri people)  for implementation followed by a =
referendum on both sides of the India/Pakistan border:.... As time goes =
on, if life normalises successfully, let Kashmiris hold one, two, even =
perhaps three passports, let Pakistanis hold Indian passports, let =
Indians holds Pakistani passports...., what on earth difference will it =
make to anything if life is normalised, markets function freely across =
the India/Pakistan border, people travel, they debate Islam versus =
Hinduism if they want to in the trains, (most likely the Muslim will =
rebel against the dogmas of his side and will side with the tolerance =
and openness of the Hindus, while the Hindu fed up with the =
irrationalities of his side will side with the discipline of the Holy =
Prophet)... Use the European example of trying to create a European =
identity....  What can we call the Confederation?   Surely, the Indus =
Confederation...since they have the great River which gives us our =
name....  There can be a Pakistan Republic, there can be a Bharat =
Republic, there can be a Kashmir Condominium like Andorra or better... =
the whole can be called the Indus Confederation, whose members are, dare =
I say it without offending Pakistani friends, "Indusians", or just plain =

There is a rent-seeking aspect to why this is being prevented.  Large =
districts of West Punjab, East Punjab, Haryana, UP have traditionally =
recruited heavily for Armies....
that recruitment would slow down and affect relevant interest-groups.  =
there is the heavily entrenched corruption, yes corruption, among =
armed forces personnel in Delhi and Islamabad acting as agents of =
foreign weapons' manufacturers.   They are the more dangerous,  if they =
find their large sources of income vanish.  (Bofors was merely the tip =
of the iceberg on one side of the border.)    There are very strong =
vested interests, in other words, in seeing the conflict between India =
and Pakistan continue, if  not accelerate.   For example, even a nuclear =
exchange, blowing up say Ahmedabad on our side and Hyderabad on theirs, =
would yield important scientific data for international use.  Who cares =
if a few million wogs and coolies perish in the process?

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