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Refocusing on the main goal

I thought I'd bring to notice a simple little thing; a classification of
history into 3 epochs, by Prof. Easterlin. I have put up a note at 



Also, I've modified the IPI's SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE link on the
main web page to include some more information.

I'd welcome feedback. I do think that we must polish up the main message
of IPI clearly, and substantiate it with facts. I would request people
who possess historical figures on India's share of trade, population,
etc., to put these up (I have already put up some figures on population,
but all kinds of historical figures are necesssary). We can then make
nice histograms or other charts to illustrate the key message.

Also, we have to show that it is doable (which is the more difficult
part!). Finally, many of us have to get up and do it. 

I spoke with Prof. Easterlin the other day about the IPI and while
immensely appreciating this project, he wanted a highly empirical
approach to be adopted by us, and not merely an ideological position.
His concern is with health issues, where he believes that there is a
significant role for government. He wants us to definitely focus on life
expectancy as a key policy target.

I think we have not discussed health much, so far, but I do believe that
Easterlin is right. The health system in India needs to be strengthened
enormously. When are we having the health debate? I have a teeny weeny
experience of about 2 months as Addl. Secretary, Health department, but
while JS Planning, I did learn a lot about it, apart from the massive
direct interaction at the dist. level. Many of us here have enormous
experience in that sector. We should talk.


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