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Admn: Welcome to new Advisor

Please welcome, as advisor, Rohit Shukla, the President and CEO of the
Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance.  http://www.larta.org/

His info is found at:


He has a Masters in Economics and Politics from Cambridge University and
a Masters in Communication from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. 

Rohit has been a speaker in the recent NET-IP conference at LA. (NET-IP
is the Network of Indian Professionals in the USA). Net IP's web page
is: http://www.netip.org/

The conference info is at


I remember sending out a mail to the NET-IP folks a few months ago,
asking them to join in these debates, but I do not think anyone joined
us. I hope Rohit can interest some of these folks in at thinking loudly
about policy issues these wider policy issues since many of them are
involved with India directly, and in any case they can do a lot to help
us understand the technological changes that we need to be promoting in

I hope to see active participation from Rohit in various aspects of the
debate, and also in its technical aspects.



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