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Here we are: Prof. vs. Student!

Prof Subroto Roy, from IIT Kharagpur, said:

Mr. Gala is surely right.  Higher education financing is a scandal in
India. As a professor here at IIT, I see absolutely no reason why the
taxpayer should be subsidising each BTech student to the tune of some
Rs. 200,000 per year just to see him/her disappear to some US
university's Master's program followed by his family in due course.  
India gains nothing at all. There may be a case for subsidizing e.g.
Mining Engineering or Agricultural Engineering to some extent but
absolutely none for Computer Science or Electronics or Mechanical.

Charudatt, in USA for umpteen years, and a product of IIT, Kharagpur,

Again on a personal note, I know my parents could never have sent me to
study at IIT if the costs had not been publicly funded. The same is true
for 90% of my college classmates.


I think we need a proper debate and a mechanism to solve this 'problem'
- I hope Charu's case is NOT for taxpayers of India funding IITs so that
he can spend his life in USA.


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