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Administrative: For next year

>From the experience of this year, one has seen that a week is often too
short a time to arrive at a reasonably "best" view on any particular
topic. While we are necessarily constrained in terms of time for
preparing the draft for sending out in early 1999 to 10,000 people from
India, we can do better next year.

To enhance scalability of this project as well as to ensure that we do
arrive at the 'best' policies, and an ever-expanding consensus, I
propose that from January 1, 1999, we convert this general discussion
forum into multiple discussion forums, one for each topic.

For each topic X, there will be the following system:

a) A separate mailing list e.g., educ@indiapolicy.org for Education

b) A separate web archive for each list.

c) A moderator

d) Each list will start off with the consensus built during these 9
months (April - December, 1998). That consensus will be put up for
further debate and analysis.

For each topic there will be a deadline for producing the final 2-3 page
report. The deadline would be the 31st of March, 1999. Each major report
would be supplemented by a 10 page outline of the details of how these
policies need to be implemented, i.e., what are the key operational
steps to be taken. These detailed outlines will form the next level of
analysis, in due course (what I have called "Policy Framework" but which
can be called anything that you like).

We know by now who were the major and active participants on each topic
(most of the topics). These persons might please volunteer to be the
moderator for these specialized debates to be started from the 1st
January, 1999.

We need people to propose the topic that they would like to deal with.
In these 2 1/2 months left till January, we can finalize the topics, the
moderators, and the technical aspects of setting up the specialized

Please offer suggestions to improve this proposal. We are also gaining
what is known as 'repute' and stability of numbers. In other words, we
should have sufficient 'mass' of debators on each topic. 

That would also perhaps be the time to take out ads in national
newspapers in India seeking participation by people in the various
debates. If Ajay can please make a quick estimate of how the most
effective ads can be put out at the least cost, we can then start
looking for persons to fund these ads and the expansion in hardware/
other costs for Cinenet.

We MUST get India's best brains debating and talking about issues here.
Else, there is no hope of building a rational consensus.



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