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Re: the tolerance debate - time to move on?

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> you a few things. I do this especially because several of you now
> that the debate is sick and want to move on.
> (a) Moving on will not solve these problems. As I have already 
> chronciled, there is a silent majority in favor of reform in these 
> issues. While you were getting sick of the discussion, other people 
> wrote me asking that I write up my views for their publication. As I 
> said earlier, you can take it for what it is worth, the opinions I am 
> defending exist quite plainly. If it makes you sick to discuss a 
> perfectly topical matter, then that's all there is to it.
> ...
> If my arguments make you sick, you can always try dealing with the 
> more hardline types. 

When a few of us said that we are sick, (I speak for myself if not for 
anyone else) basically, I meant that I'm disappointed that this forum 
that started off as a great debating arena, degenerated (somewhat -
I think we're still preserving sanity here) into finger-pointing, word
twisting, etc, so much so that we completely lost focus of IP's 
objectives and allowed ourselves to bring personal sentiments into play.
(I'm sure this line is going to make all guns to be trained on me now!)
I'm not sick of the subject, I'm sick of the path it has ended up taking
which I'm sure none of us intended it to. I've seen tempers flare here
and there and irrational responses meted out once in a while. I'm just
beginning to realize in it's full magnitude how religion can make one
lose objectivity albeit for an ever-so-miniscule period of time, even 
amongst educated, well read, relatively secular, good folks.  

We DO need to discuss policy relating to religion. No doubt. Moreover,
IP is the best place to do it since people on this forum are very well
responsive and open-minded towards unbiased debate and besides,guns and
knives don't work very well here. :-) However, please let us not get 
carried away. That is all I'm hoping for.


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