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Re: Education

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IamAzhar@aol.com wrote:

> . . .Bottom line, we have to privatize our schools.  This is THE route to take
> in order to

> clean up the mess created by the public and mediocre schools of today's India.
> What do you folks think???

I would ask, how accessible would fully privatised education be to everyone [not
just people with the income levels that can pay for good private education].

IMO, the quality of education available to a child should not be dependent on the
wealth of his/her parents. I belive, one mark of a just society is that it strives
to give all its members an equal chance to succeed.

On a personal note, I spent more than half of my pre-college years in publicly
funded schools in India, and based on my [admittedly unscientific] personal
observations found problems and advantages in both systems.

I also suggest you consider the implications of privatising college education.
This is the case in the US- students pay most of the costs of their education,
meaning access is limited to those able to pay anything from $15-50k per year, or
take loans to do so. To translate this into Indian terminology: the majority of
colleges/universities are "donation colleges". Consider who would have access to
college in India if all colleges were private [donation] colleges.

Again on a personal note, I know my parents could never have sent me to study at
IIT if the costs had not been publicly funded. The same is true for 90% of my
college classmates.


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