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Questions for Ash

Dear Ash:

I would like to request you to please consider my request made earlier,
for precise answers to these three things. Without knowing answers -
very precise answers (which we can post on the IPI web page reference
section, by the way), I am unable to proceed further. You might make use
of encyclopaedias or dictionaries if you please, or simply give your own

A) Economic Force:

Can you define economic force clearly? Can ANYONE including a child,
deduce the use of such force in each situation?

B) Retaliatory Level of Economic Force: Permit for a citizen to use
physical force against economic force, so defined:

Can you show how and when, the use of economic force, so defined,
permits one common citizen, X, to use physical force against another
citizen, Y? 

Background case study: You did speak of someone denying another person a
job and that amounting to 'killing off' his family. It appeared that in
your opinion, that was a fit case for the 'retaliation' indicated above:
In other words, the use of force is permissible if Bill Gates denies me
a job? I did not know that. Let me apply to him straightway! (Bill, part
with your money and give me a job, else!) For your information, there
are many people who actually kill bosses in the USA each year who have
fired them from a job. To the best of my knowledge, no one has yet
acclaimed this feat as a noble one or given them awards for Perfect

C) Equitable Society:

What is it to be an equitable society? How can I decide FOR SURE that a
society is an equitable one? 

I am not interested at all - at this stage - in details. We just want to
make sure that the correct principles are refected on the IPI web page.
So: please do help me understand what you mean by these terms!


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