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To the moderator

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Economy

Dear Puneet and Arvind:

Why are we posting any mails which are not related to the topic of the week 
at all. I am reading mails on religion, tolerance, economic policy, and 
perhaps 6 other topics.

IMO, If we continue the debate this way, then I am not sure there is anything 
concrete coming out of here. 

Can we completely stop mails except the weekly topic. Also Arvind can we 
identify who is summarizing debates this week. 

Sanjeev, could you please post a draft of what has been officialy summarized 
from IP debates since we have tried to put structure in the debates. I am 
hoping that you are keeping track of offical summaries.


Utkarsh Kansal



As a moderator I can only request for mails pertaining to the topic for
the week. The response is from the participants. If I were to block every
mail that were off subject we would not have any more than 5% of the current
discussion on post. I do not wish to take a dictatorial position on this.

The only things I weed out now are mails that are totally off subject
for IP, or potential spams, or ones with inappropriate language. Let
the participants decide what they consider of "value" as a policy in
terms of its impact to Indian governance. I'm not saying I'm happy with
the progress myself, but I cant be a mentor for IP. I've eluded to
the loss of efficiency and resulsts orientation on the list before.
Further, Ash and others have raised a fair question: how do we resolve
differences in opinion? In my opinion (wow!), personal opinions should 
be left aside, and only topics outside of this should be debated. Let
us define a set of rules that a society (and I will presume it means
all binding by the same set of rules) can live in a mutually beneficial


ps: SS may be off the list.

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