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Re: the tolerance debate

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Dear Ash
     I'm afraid you've lost me now.  Am I right in understanding your 
     position to be: that the State should forbid proselytisation?
     But that, at the same time, it should not regulate faith?  
     How can the state forbid proselytisation while not regulating faith, 
     if proselytisation is part of the faith, as it is for Buddhism, 
     Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, and Sikhism (though some of 
     these groups no longer proselytise in contradiction to their own 
     tenets) and, by contrast, when certain revivalist Hindu groups do in 
     fact proselytise (completely contrary to our ancient traditions)?
     Please note: these questions are intended simply to help me understand 
     what your position IS.
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Subject: Re: the tolerance debate
Author:  ash.mahesh (ash_mahesh@hotmail.com) at nyuxuu
Date:    16.10.98 00:26

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