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Re: privatisation of public sectors

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 Dear Mr Raju
     Your prescription was exactly what has been tried in the UK (including 
     privatising railtrack and rolling stock).  The result, as I said in an 
     earlier mail, has not been a success.  I have not analysed WHY it has 
     not been a success.  Perhaps someone knows of a study regarding what 
     mistakes have been (are being?) committed, so that if we do decide to 
     go for privatising Indian Railways (IR) we can at least try to avoid 
     the mistakes which have been identified.  However, as I said earlier, 
     I have yet to see evidence of a national railway system working 
     efffectively without subsidies.
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Subject: Re: privatisation of public sectors
Author:  praju (praju@ideaus.com) at nyuxuu
Date:    16.10.98 00:27

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