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Week's Topic: Defence & Foreign Policy

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Economy

In the archives, the only point is that war is bad and all weapons of
mass destruction must be destroyed simultaneously.

Since we have given great importance to modernization of the Police,
I suggest we do the same with defence. So our policy should have
the following points.

Streamlining the defence forces. Enhancing their salary. Modernization.

As for nuclear policy, I suggest that India unilaterally dismantles her
weapons and give the other countries 10 years time to do the same.
If nobody else follows, we could renuclearise.

Foreign Policy:

I oppose anything to do with reunification with Pakistan. I also oppose
what Dr.Roy suggested - i.e, a confederation with Pakistan and Kashmir
being a common zone. The solution would be to increase trade with 
Pakistan and be friendly with them.

We should also cooperate with Bangladesh to develop the Ganges
Delta instead of waiting for the annual flooding of the mighty river.
It is our fault that it took 25 years to sign a treaty with Bangladesh.

It is time we stopped bullying our neighbours. The greatness of a country
is reflected in its act of treating other countries as its equals. Why have
antagonised even Nepal and SriLanka? Even Maldives which was saved
from Mercenaries by India supported Pakistan on Kashmir.

We should also help out other countries in times of emergency - for
example, we could have helped North Korea by giving them our surplus


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