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Admn: oops! + total

a) Oops!

Misspelled Huzefa's name twice in the previous mail. My apologies. You
are at liberty to get square by misspelling my name twice, e.g., you can
call me "sabhlock" or "snajeev" or "sanjeen" or "sablok" or whatever (by
the way, these are just a few of the various ways my name has been
mis-spelled in my life. Great fun finding out the different ways in
which one's name can be misspelled!)

b) IPI is still batting.

Opening batsman is out of the list temporarily (of course I peep in from
time to time!).

Some batsmen came and were bowled out. Others simply retired (as per my
records, about 65 batsmen subscribed, and then unsubscribed).

Despite the tough battles going on, new batsmen keep coming in. Some
bat, some bowl, and some wait for a ball to come their way. The IPI is
still batting and going strong. We are 125 fully signed up members
today, apart from 2 Advisors who do not receive these mails, and me: who
is unsubscribed for a while [I do possess the 'key' to post mail].

Go IP! Change India! That is your only mandate.  

We only do simple things like that over here. We are very simple folks.
Very tiny goals.


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