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Re: On privatisation of public sector

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I was trying to be generous to the Marxists.  SR.
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Date: Wednesday, October 14, 1998 10:37
Subject: Re: On privatisation of public sector

>> There is enormous comparative work in this area done by the World Bank
>> and
>> others, on the experiences good and bad of e.g. the UK, the Czech
>> Republic,
>> Russia etc.
>> In India a lot of "nationalization" occurred when private capital had
>> made
>> bad decisions and were unprepared to take losses;  these costs were
>> then
>> transferred to the taxpayer;  now the likely candidates for
>> privatisatiuon
>> would be the relatively profitable enterprises, where the same private
>> capital interests who had made the bad decisions might well reap the
>> benefits of the public sector for a song.  Sometimes a quasi-Marxist
>> position of collusion between private capital and Government is the
>> only way
>> for a classical liberal to make sense of Indian facts!  SR
>Even though this kind of class analysis is popularized by Marxists, it
>origins are actually rather anarchist or libertarian.  There is a whole
>literature on libertarian class anaysis (writings of Murray Rothbard,
>Leonard Liggio, etc).  In a very general form, two critical classes in
>it are tax-payers and tax-eaters.  Tax eaters could be any one at a
>given point in time--Marxist labor unions to swadeshi capitalists.  They
>are all eating some one else's produce.parth-

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