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Re: Education

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 Date:  98-10-15 13:19:39 EDT
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Dear IP members,

  So far I have not contributed to any topic.  However, I do read all of the
mails I get through IP.  By the time I want to say something, it is already
said by somebody else in the list.  Thus, I remain idle.  This time a query
crossed my mind and I haven't notice that alternative in any of the mail I
read (perhaps I overlooked it, if it were proposed. In that case, I
apologize).  Anyway, here is what I suggest should be done to ameliorate
educational standard and keep education out of political arena.  
  Let the President take over the responsibility of improving our educational
system.  Since the President is not linked to any political party, he can keep
this issue out of politicians' reach who use it for their personal gains.  He
should then privatize this industry to Indian intellectuals.  
 To facilitate my point, I am going to write how my teachers run thier private
school in Nizamabad, AP.  First, the management team consisted of some college
gals who wanted to make money by educating Indians.  They invested their
capital (that is time, money, and STRENUOUS and GENUINE effort).  Second, they
hired *qualified* teachers from all over India, mainly from Kerala.  And then
they set a certain standards to attract students.  Finally, they aimed to make
our school #1 in our city.  Which they did with our batch ( that is the second
batch).  My class came in top in the SSC exam by defeating the very
competitive and good school operated by Christians (Nirmala Hurudaya Girls
Convent).  Out of 45 students, 3 failed the SSC exam, two came in second
division and 40 in first division.  That is pretty good number for a new
school.  Out of these 42, most of them are master degree students now.  A few
are at IIT at various campuses.  I am in the US.  A few are in various Indian
medical schools and others are in a very good university in Bangalore ( I
can't recall that name right now, but most of you know what I am directing
at). And today, as far as I am aware, my school has at least three branches in
various cities of AP and in Nizamabad, they have a two year college, and a law
school.  That tells the whole story of their success.
 In summary, the president can follow a similar route or even better.  Bottom
line, we have to privatize our schools.  This is THE route to take in order to
clean up the mess created by the public and mediocre schools of today's India.

What do you folks think???


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