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irreconcilable differences - what happens next?

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> Ash, tolerance IMHO is purely a personal choice. 
> You may choose to be tolerant or intolerant, I dont care,
> the government does not (should not) care. You have your right of
> freedom of expression. 

I thought the whole point of the debate was to determine that intolerant 
action should/not be permitted under the freedom of expression.

> Are we trying to come to consensus on each other's personal
> choices?

I don't know what you mean, but this raises another question. We really 
have not evolved a significant mechanism for deciding a matter. Popular 
opinion is not sufficient, as pointed out by Ritu. So if we have 
irreconcilable differences in formulating any policy, what happens? I 
thought that the education policy worked out well, with a few 

Additionally, we still have not defined the boundaries of our society. 
This is also interesting, since it is indeterminate if we agree to abide 
by the policies we put up, as we may not perceive ourselves to be 
members of the same societies. Hopefully, this will get resolved as we 
go along.


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