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Re: the tolerance debate

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Week's Agenda: Economy

> POINT TWO: I would caution you against focusing too much attention
> on economic bribery in the interests of converting people: the
> evidence in India at present is that it is not Christian
> organisations which are using money to convert Hindus so much as it
> is certain Hindu organisations that are using economic incentives to
> convert Christians and Muslims to their brand of Hinduism (one only
> has to read the publications of these organisations for the evidence
> to become clear). 

Sorry to beat this point so much, but this really gets me. Listen to the 
implication here folks - the reason I should not worry, according to the 
professor is that more minorities are coerced into Hinduism than the 
reverse. Classic pseudo-secularism. First, he attributes my intentions 
to pro-Hinduism. Then, he goes on to aver that I should find 
unacceptable behavior by Hindus to be OK, somehow that should bother me 

I'm worried that any person uses force of any kind in these matters, 
professor. The problem with this kind of false secularism (that your 
paragraph reveals) is that you first determine who the faulty party 
shall be and who the victims shall be, your argument is then created to 
sustain that notion. 

If we are to agree on some rules of social organization, I hope they 
shall be founded on the premise that the rules apply to us all, and 
equally. Incidentally, what happened to those who said the UCC is not 
needed because religion has no external costs. In case you forgot, it is 
my claim that religious separateness (indeed, any identifiable 
separateness) naturally breeds division (this is not academic, the 
evidence abounds) and that I have an interest in reducing this. Of 
course there is a cost to me. Tell the 3000 Sikhs who got butchered that 
religious separateness has no external costs. Flat out false.

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