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Get the bureaucracy work for merit to improve economy

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Economy

The biggest challange India faces is inefficiency in government
departments. In my opinion government should spend some more time in
understanding how to effectively run an organization. The five main
CONTROLLING should be evaluated at each level and implemented. The
major problem is that promotions in Indian government jobs are
primarily based on either seniority or influence. This puts wrong and
under performing people in high places. Government should get in a
good consultancy firm to look into how the promotion for each job in
govt. should be done. If a method is in place which gives importance
to persons work ethic, performance, experience etc... then it will
create an atmosphere where people are working always to achieve more
for the reward that they can get.

I think this one suggestion would help bring lot of unaccounted things
in order. For e.g. India's 50% power is not accounted for and money is
lost. Only when efficiency is given importance in all departments and
PSUs then only we have chance to grow. Or else we will be in same
under performer level as we always have been.

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