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Re: the tolerance debate

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Dear Messrs Mahesh and Narayanan
     ON 11Oct98 8.28 pm, Ash wrote:
     >If a religious organization determines
     >that India is a pagan land and pours money into the effort to change 
     >Indian's belief, does that constitute an act of force?
     POINT ONE:  Yes it does constitute an act of economic force, if it 
     focuses on bribing individual Indians, but no, it does not if it is in 
     the nature of a marketing campaign.  
     POINT TWO: I would caution you against focusing too much attention on 
     economic bribery in the interests of converting people: the evidence 
     in India at present is that it is not Christian organisations which 
     are using money to cnvert Hindus so much as it is certain Hindu 
     organisations that are using economic incentives to convert Christians 
     and Muslims to their brand of Hinduism (one only has to read the 
     publications of these organisations for the evidence to become clear). 
     POINT THREE: If I spend money on a marketing campaign to sell 
     Professor Amartya Sen's latest book, I am naturally working on the 
     assumption that the poor benighted natives of Switzerland need the 
     benefit of his work and, when suitably awakened to their need by 
     marketing campaign, will wish to "convert" from their state of 
     ignorance to at least considering the enlightenment offered by his 
     This is the sort of assumption that underlies ALL marketing.  Let us 
     not get too heated up about this.
     If IP keeps its focus on providing growth for the economy, stability 
     for the polity, and fairness justice and tolerance for all, Indians 
     are not stupid and can distinguish genuineness (spiritual or economic, 
     product-oriented or service-oriented) from what is false or shoddy.

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Subject: Re: the tolerance debate
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