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Re: The key question:

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ON 14 Octoberr at 18.24, Ash wrote:

>" - why should I, a person of a particular faith, tolerate the free expression 
of other faiths? If my God requires the elimination of kaffirs, why should I 
heed any other calling? "

There is a difference between my willingness as an individual to be tolerant or 
otherwise, and the policies a state develops to require people to be tolerant.

A modern state HAS to develop policies to force people to be tolerant, otherwise
the whole of society goes backwards (as we can see from the experience of other 
countries such as Iran since the Revolution and Russia since its Revolution of a
different sort (Marxist) 80 or whatever years ago.

If individuals are not tolerant, the State has the duty of punishing them in 
order to ensure tolerance.  If a Muslim goes around killing kaffirs or if a 
Hindu goes around killing Sikhs, there is no difference between these from the 
State's point of view and the fact that one may "justify" his actions in the 
name of his religion and the other comes up with some secular-sounding 
explanation is and should be equally irrelevant.

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