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PUBLIC: Re: # 1 in 1750

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Dear Mr Chandekar

Your theories are popular in today's India and I myself used to subscribe to 
them, till I started researching the history of Indian religion.  

Unfortunately, the popular view (to which I used to subscribe, and to which you 
still subscribe) does not fit the facts.  

Please read my little booklet, INDIAN SPIRITUALITY (Grove Books, UK), pages 6-11
will do, in order to have at least a basic background in the history of the 
development of Indian religion.  

I am not aware that anyone else in any publication has provided a historical 
account of the development of Indian religion.  I am at present trying to see if
any Indian publisher may be interested in publishing it.

If you or anyone else can point me to any other published scholarship on this 
subject, I will be pleased to have it.  

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Subject: # 1 in 1750
Author:  vinay (vinay@asiaaccess.net.th) at nyuxuu
Date:    14.10.98 22:05

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