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# 1 in 1750

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Back to # 1 in 1750.

To summarize the background to above : This topic started when SS
originally referred to India being No. 1 in 1750. To this Arvind
enquired how he could obtain more information and if India was No.1
in 1750  did the British reduce us to penury in 200 years of rule.

This is the background to which Prabhu Guptara replied on
09 Oct, 5.39 AM giving his version to which I have replied
extensively in my posting of 13 Oct at 2.22 AM.

I had overlooked one point made by him to which I now reply.

Those conditions are precisely what are being recreated by the
present rise of Hinutva-related-fundamentalism in India.

Hindutva-related-fundamentalism has its drawbacks, no doubt. But
what else do you expect when all around us all countries are openly
declaring themselves as non-secular religion-dominated entities ?
We did not take the lead in this. Both to show our resolute stance
and safeguard our people psychologically, it is NECESSARY to at
least flaunt our strength, even as we have not yet declared
ourselves as a Hindu nation.

Ironically, the idea that "Hinduism" is a single religion is also a
Western invention which has been internalised by us mainly since the
19th century - )

I think, Prabhu Guptara gives to much credit to the inventiveness of
West ! In my opinion they simply DISCOVERED the unity in diversity
that has been the Hallmark of Indian civilization.

As discussed in my previous posting, there was not much discourse
between one part of then-India with another because there was no one
India then at all. All were State-kingdoms, quite often at war with
each other. Therefore it was not very unusual that they were unaware
of the basic identity of their culture. It was when the British men
started travelling in various parts of the sub-continent and
discovered say, that Sri Rama & Mohammad were being worshipped in
north as well as south or east as well as west, that they DISCOVERED
the basic unity of the country.
I think it is totally wrong to say that West invented the unity of
Hinduism which we internalised - Steam engine was Invented by the
West not the unity of Hinduism which always existed just under the
surface, like a hoard of gold, unspoilt by centuries of neglect. And
really good administrators that the British always are, they must
have begun to wonder for how long their game of divide and rule
would last since it was simply a matter of time when the different
parts of the then sub-continent realized that they were all one,
when nothing would stop them from attempting to throw off their
oppressors. This attempt soon was made in the Great Mutiny of 1857
when Muslims and Hindus fought together to throw off the yoke of the

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