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Re: physical versus economic force

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To quote Antony Joseph <antonyj@tm.net.my>  Tuesday, October 13, 1998 2:12

>By virtue of this, Hinduism has remained  tolerant of religions over a very
>long period of time while those in first category (Christianity and Islam)
are less tolerant about
>the RELIGIOUS beliefs of others.

That, in my opinion,  is the crux of the problem.

>Proselytization ( which I presume is preaching  one's religion with the
>objective of persuading another )  IMO,  is not very different from what
>IPI is doing for social/economic reform -

I do not fully agree.  If there is an inter-faith forum representing
different religions and if the members of that forum debate the various
aspects of different religions, then Antony's point is valid. And if an
individual member is convinced as a result of discussion that another
person's religion is better than his and he wishes to convert, nobody is
going to object.. Quite apart from a forum,  there should be no objection to
proselytization at an individual level.  What I would strongly object to is
the organized, planned effort  by certain powerful religious bodies
particularly in the United States to consider Asia and  Africa as targets
for massive conversion. And I am personally aware of some of their plans.
How should
India protect itself  against this onslaught?

Ram Narayanan
janaky@indiaintl.com or loraln@worldnet.att.net

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