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Re: physical versus economic force

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Economy

> Arvind: Do we add this to our list of subjects to debate on?
> Also, since this seems to be the subject of discussion this

No. It is just not worth getting into endless debates. Please note
that our purpose is to come out with a good manifesto. Except perhaps
for issues like uniform civil code, i don't think we should go into issues
like conversion at this stage.
If you feel that conversion should be made illegal, please talk on those 
terms alone without specifically bringing in specific religions.
However, even that should not be done now.

At the beginning, it was agreed upon that all contentious issues will be
postponed for a period of two months. We are just a month away from
completing the first round and opening up IP to all debates.
Please don't take away attention from the topics that really talk about
improving the quality of life. 
Life for the moderator becomes tough if you post off topic. 

> week, and there was hardly any following of the "Week's Agenda"
> I wonder what is the purpose of attching this note in every
> mail I forward. 

I am glad you ask this. This is just to remind the poster to desist from
off topic. We are not here to enforce strict controls. The poster should
control himself or herself.

> As a reminder to all, the core purpose our discussions on IP
> is to frame a set of policies that, once agreed upon within us, 
> can be used to govern the larger populace (diverse, opinionated 
> and likely to raise several objections such as those we see here).
> My point being this: we need to be results oriented in our
> discussions. Pontification, philoshophy and personal opinions
> must be restricted to within levels of usefulness. Even subjects
> being debated must be considered in terms of their usefulness
> and impact. How much do we care about what India's position 
> was in 1750 or how objectively can we evaluate the intentions 
> of the British empire? Thus instead of asking "why anyone should 
> be tolerant" I would like to know what a government would define
> tolerance to be and how it expects ALL its citizens to live
> by it in a mutually beneficial way.

Perfect. I think we should all focus on getting the document ready or
we won't get anywhere. Once we do this, we can discuss all other topics.
After Education, other topics haven't seen much participation.


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