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Re: physical vs. economic force

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<< I want only one guarantee from a government: that no body will use 
force against me (which includes, in case we were not on the same 
wavelength, my property). If that guarantee is not upheld, then there is 
no governance, no government. I owe no allegience to that so-called
"government." >>

Fundamental difference here. You are so untrusting of the government 
that you don't find any role for it in furthering the things that are in 
our interest, which has always been different from my position. But even 
this limited contract you offer can be exploted . Can I, for example, 
say that I owe allegiance only to governments that will protect me and 
my faith from economic force as well? It is your opinion that physical 
force is worse than economic force, not mine. I might find nothing to be 
so bad as the deliberate subversion of my religion by economic force. 

I have nothing to gain from this debate, Sanjeev, since I dont practise 
any religion and I am perceived to be a member of the majority faith. So 
let me tell you the bottom line here, and leave you to be the judge of 
it. All I am trying to see is if we have a reasonable basis for saying 
that we are of one society. If I am not satisfied that we do, I have two 
choices (a) I can step away from it, or (b) I can exclude you. Of the 
two, we have seen an increasing amount of the latter in modern-day 
India. Practically everyone else who responded to this debate insists 
that we preserve the existing lines of organization for various 
religions, yet the numbers from polls and elections indicate that my 
view is quite common. There is a silent and hardened following for (what 
is seen as) pro-Hindu opinion.

It is not because I'm patronizing the average Hindu that I say that you 
should not have the right to try to change his religion, as you suggest. 
Instead, it is because I listen to him and see what he wants! Of course 
he is smart enough to make up his own mind, nad guess what he's been 
deciding of late? Why does that escape the attention of all of you who 
disagreed with me? I did not make up the popular support for pro-Hindu 
opinion, I am merely pointing it out to you. Of all the people who will 
ever take the view that I am offerring, I have found none who is more 
eager to build an equitable society. As it stands, I do not find our 
society to be organized fairly in this matter. Of the choices open to me 
(listed above) the chances are that if I elect to stay in, you will be 
excluded. I can wait.


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