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Re: Education

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Dear Parth

The conundrums you specify are generally understood by exceptionally well put by
you below.

>Latest move is to simply let parents deduct the expenses of education from 
>their income tax.  The percentage of deducation can be graduated by income 
>group--the richer the parents the less they can deduct.  The govt doesn't 
>really give out money; it simply takes in less.  For those who don't earn 
>enough to pay taxes, they get the difference back--Friedman's negative income 

This is really the simplest and best solution

>But the govt can still specify tuition to what schools can be deducted. Back to
>square one!

But why should government be in the business of specifying what kind of 
education is "eligible" for tax exempt status?  Is this not the "grandmotherly" 
hand of the state, again, telling citizens what kind of education is or is not 
good for them?  Why should the citizen not be free to choose whatever kind of 
education s/he likes?  If s/he makes a mistake, it will soon become clear - 
exactly as in the rest of the economy and indeed in the matter of which 
political party one votes for!  

Why not have a system where ynything called a school, college or institution of 
learning should have tax-deductible status for fees paid to it?

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Subject: Education
Author:  pjshah (pjshah@del2.vsnl.net.in) at nyuxuu
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