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Re: physical versus economic force

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Ash Mahesh wrote:

> I agree completely. But my whole point that there should be some 
> agreement about what constitutes force. You seem to imply that only 
> physical force is to be counted, whereas I see that economic force can 
> be just as devastating. Also, since you did not respond to the earlier 
> conuters I offered, I'm going to re-iterate them here.

What if the conversion is done neither by physical nor by economic force
but purely by persuasion. Is that okay by you? That seems fair. If you
feel that must not be allowed either, it is no longer a free society.

> To this I said that separateness breeds intolerance, although I admit 
> that over time the cause and effect are not separable. I have a vested 
> interest in being one among many so that what applies to me applies to 
> all, it is from these numbers that I draw strength. Also, the civil laws 
> are not so judiciously drawn, they serve the explicit political purpose 
> of alleviating concerns among specific minority groups, note that not 
> all minorities have separate civil laws. Why is that?

Can this be sorted out by including only those points which do not
cause harm to anyone or which do not give undue advantage to anyone?
In such a situation, we should perhaps list all choices allowing everyone
to satisfy at least one of the choices irrespective of his or her religion.


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