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All IP members PLEASE READ

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Economy

Please consider the following proposal (in my view an excellent
work) by Vinay to sanitize the debate structure on IP. To cut
short the lenghts of replies and make browsing through previous
postings on a subject currently being debated Vinay has worked
out a scheme that will allow the above objective AND make debate
summarizing much more manageable.

The proposal:

Dear Subscribers, if you use the following format in the Subject
line Or as the First line of your posting, it will become easier 
for others to find  your message and so make it easier to go back 
to it again and again.

This will also make the overall posting shorter (save disk space !)
since it would no longer be necessary to quote the whole message being
replied to but just a small part as the whole message is easily
##    Gr 1   Gr 2            Gr 3          Gr 4       Gr 5      Gr 6
--    ----   ----            ----          ----       ----      ---- 
Fw:   IP   - Ashok.. Views - P.Guptara ..- 11.10.98 - 1145    - 001

Under ## Nothing to be done. These notations are appended by the
mail program to indicate Reply, Forwarded message, Re-Reply etc.

Gr 1: Please use IP. (This will make e-mail-life a lot easier later !)

Gr 2: Please insert the Topic Name.

Scenario 1: If your posting is a Reply to any previous posting :

Gr 3 : Fill the name of author of that previous posting in this column.

Gr 4 & Gr 5 : Fill the Date & Time the message was received by YOU.

(This is because you see Your screen only and anyway this is
desi- gned to make Your life easier not your "Provoker's".)

Exception: when you want to draw attention of another to a
particular posting, you should use the Date & Time from the original
posting Page.

Scenario 2:   If your posting is a First (not a reply) :

Gr 3 : use Phrase such  NEW TOPIC / OFF TOPIC

Gr 4 & Gr 5 : Leave blank. (The "correspondents" will pick up
details from your posting.)

Gr 6 : This is Reference number you give (because this is Your
posting. It can be any ref no. you design, just like your office
or personal letter ref, nos.

Gr 6 is so to say, the Master number. Any posting can be traced by
scrolling up & down thru the list of received messages by referring
to this number in combination with the Time & Date of your posting
availble from your message-page.

Eureka !



eg:   IP-Mail Format-NEW TOPIC-.-.-001- 

Please voice your opinion on this format. I strongly suggest we agree to
some mailing structure. Also, not intending to be any more than a moderator
of this list, I will enforce topic related mails only from next week. To
quote a member from the list:

"I wish IPI had concentrated on suggesting solutions for the betterment 
of present conditions in India. Put a few intelligent graduates together 
for a few days and ask them to chalk out a Policy and they will come out 
with a document which will not differ much from what IPI will produce 
after such huge effort.

The brain-power brought together by IPI is truly of a very high
calibre which I feel is being wasted because they have been assigned
a task that makes No demand on their intelligence. Had we
concentrated on the solutions, we could have Broadcast these from
roof-tops, Newspaper-tops, thru' the mouth of evey MP in the
Parliament and almost every intellectual in India."

If we accept the new mailing format I will request all future mails
be of such structure Nikhil can you add this to web page if accepted).
Also, whoever initiates an old subject can give the topic a number and
members are requested to follow this.


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