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Re: Brief comment

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What Sanjeev is trying to say here, I believe, is that we all know that
under the current trend, it does matter to some people what religion 
they follow; however, we should try to create an atmosphere where a 
citizen's religion should not be a criterion for any form of abuse or
discrimination perpetrated by or towards that citizen. When we see a 
fellow citizen, we should not look upon him or her as a Hindu or a 
Muslim or Christian, Sikh, whatever, but should only see him as a 
fellow INDIAN. It might be somewhat naive, but isn't that what we're 
all striving for? To paraphrase Sanjeev again, "I don't care what 
religion you belong to, but I care for you." - That is the attitude we
need in India today. When we (or atleast I) are in the US and happen to
see a fellow Indian, that's exactly what comes to our mind first. A 
fellow INDIAN. How many of us really think, "Ah...a Muslim" or "Ah... a
Hindu"...or whatever? If we can do this outside our country, why not 
when we are in our country?

As for Pakistan or Bangladesh, How many of us really wish we were all 
one single united country? It may be a reality that Pakistan exists, 
but if our forefathers had some sense of Unity, there wouldn't have
been a Pakistan or a Bangladesh today. There wouldn't have been three 
wars and a nuclear arms race. There wouldn't have been separation of
families. There wouldn't have been brother facing brother on the
battlefield. And Kashmir would have been a paradise on earth.

oh, well... as they say in America...should've, would've, could've.... 

I may be sentimental and even a dreamer, but I dare to dream - a dream
of a united and powerful subcontinent.

> Sanjeev:
> >How does it matter what religion a person is so long as he or she 
> >is an Indian?
> >
> With due respect, I think that's being rather naive!
> If that is so, India would have been a united country and there would
> have been no partition and no Pakistan!.
> .
> Ram Narayanan

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