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Re : IPI Ashok Chowgule's Views - P.Guptara

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Week's Agenda: Economy

Quote from Prabhu Guptara dated 11 Oct 98 :

To say that all monotheistic religions are ipso facto intolerant is an
     amazingly nonsensical statement.  The fact is that all religions
     indeed atheism) consider other views to be wrong, just as an
     evolutionist considers a creationist to be wrong, and a Hindu
     considers a Jain to be wrong (and, for that matter, a Vaishnavite
     considers a Shaivite to be wrong - or, at least, less right which
     amounts to the same thing).

I think some people are losing their cool in the excitement of the
Race of this
debate. It is of UTMOST importance to maintain a sense of propriety
and to avoid undiplomatic language.
If a third person who is not even a participant to the debate is to be
accused of making "Nonsensical" statements, what is to prevent one
debate-member from calling another "Stupid, Crazy, Imbecile or even a
Congential Idiot" ?

I think, the moderators should put out a notice to this effect.
Otherwise, these debates will degenerate into a slanging match and the
luminaries of American Economic faculties will watch and laugh in glee
as the counterpart scene of Khrushchev banging his shoes on the UN
desk and Indian MPs throwing chairs and shoes at each other in the
Parliament house will be enacted in Cyberspace using Word-shoes as
Weapons of reputation-destruction.

And where did Prabhu Guptara pick up the idea that all religions
consider other views to be wrong .....etc etc as in quotation above ?
I have all along thought that Indian religions  (all versions, Hindu,
Jain, Vaishnavite, Shaivite etc ) were the most tolerant and generally
nurtured  'Live & let live" attitude. Even Jews who first settled on
the south-west coast of India in Kerala and then spread to other
places in India, acknowledge that they were allowed to worship in
their own way and that of all the lands in which their brothers sought
refuge, India was the most tolerant and hospitable. The same is true
of Parsees who do not feel discriminated against.

Wishing for Sanity to All.

Vinay Chandekar.

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