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Admn: Advisors

Just to let everyone know:

a) Nizam Ahmed, who is the President of "Making Our Economy Right" at
Dacca, Bangladesh, has joined as Honorary Advisor. He has been with us
from a long time. He is very impressed by the work we are doing and has
in mind plans to establish a similar forum for Bangladesh with help of a
Bangladesh Member of Pariament friend of his, who believes in a similar
change in the economic system of Bangladesh. Let all these dreams of
reviving the South Asian sub-continent flourish and actualize!

	Nizam's work can be seen at:


His is one of the 47 'free market institutes' in the world today and
has been the co-publisher of the

	 Freedom of the World Annual Report - 1997 

He is doing a great job, virtually single-handedly, I learn.

b) Harvi Sachar, the publisher of Silicon India, has joined as Advisor.
His work, for those who are not quite aware of it, is to be found at 


He has hosted a series of 10 submissions from Sam Pitroda (now coming to
an end) where ideas somewhat similar to what we are thinking about, have
been covered. He is also the host of the Center for Civil Society's

We are lucky to have both of these persons on board the Management
council. We can gain a lot from their respective areas of expertise.


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