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Mike P. McKeever

Mike sent in this comment. I'm simply posting it. He does not feel
comfortable participating in a debate by Indians on India, but I told
him to hop on, since we are seeking the best ideas. We as Indians
discuss USA, so there is no reason for Americans not to discuss India. I
hope he joins. All views are welcome. Only the best should 'win.' SS

(Also: Charu is back)

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, mckeever wrote:


Thank you for the reference to your site. I have reviewed the site
cursorily and have two comments.

1. On the matter of accessing the information; It is a little confusing
now - hard to understand what each link refers to.

2. More substantively: with regard to the manifesto, I do not like the
tone of the manifesto. It seems to take the efficiency model of
corporate management and apply it to personal social interaction and I
think that is a mistake. After all, we all have to live here together
and who wants to live next door to someone with that attitude? It
reminds me of a class member in my Macro class who said that one of the
good things about unemployment is that it keeps the wage rate down!

I prefer to live in a society which recognizes a common bond and common
obligation to its members instead of a society which treats those
obligations as disposable.

I specifically do not like Milton Friedman's approach to morals and
ethics; his approach is widely practiced and contributes to the many
problems we have today. I would rather follow Tony Blair and Britain's
labor party than Mr. Friedman's people any day.

Well, what you are doing is a good effort and worth doing. These are
just my personal opinions - take them for what they're worth.



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