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Some suggestions to improve India's economy

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Week's Agenda: Economy

1. Government should change its policies from socialism to capitalism.
Government should invest public's money only in items which are
essential and leave the private sector take care of business. It
should look forward for benefit of consumers and not become supplier.
There is no business for india government to be in ventures like
making cars, telephone, power, steel, hotels, Banking, Airline etc...
Let the private mangement handle them. Reduce the size of government.

2. Give boost to economy from current slump. I think the best thing
that can be done is to move capitals of many states to correct
locations. For example, there is no need for Bombay to be capital of
Maharastra. If maharastra govt. decides to move capital to a place
which is in the centre of the state and not already developed then it
gives chance for other city to be developed in state. This new place
will need lot of infrastructure and has to be connected from all parts
of the state. This would give rise in demand for all core industries
and will distribute the benefits all across Maharastra and not only in
bombay. People become corrupt since they can live well within current
salaries. There are lot of advantages I can think of Maharastra can
gain by moving its capital out of bombay to some where in the centre.
The demand that india can create just by having planned urbanization
in all over India, will be so much enormous it can bring economy from
negative to positive. Just proper planning is needed. Without demand,
there can not be supply and hence no growth.

3. Have transparency in all government operations. Let all the details
about any projects and proceedings where people's money is involved be
available as public records.

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