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Re: Consumer Guidance Society of India

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Social Conditions

  Minimum Wage
  Rules regarding Safety of Personnel at work to be made clear
  Introduction of Social Security Net
  Introduction of identity card
  Removal of Age discrimination at work
  Creating conditions so that reservations will no longer be necessary

Dear Sanjeev, I am not from counsumer society. I am from the Humanist
Movement. Tel: 6106197. Thanks Jayesh

On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:

> Dear friends,
> Please welcome Mr. Jayesh Narendra Shah, of the Consumer Guidance Society
> of India, Bombay, to this list.
> Jayesh wanted info on IP by email. I am too tied up with things, to
> write to him. Pl., Iris can you call him up at 91-(22) 262-1612 and speak
> with him. Also, pl. check out the web site. 
> Finally, there is nothing better than to participate in the avalance of
> debates for a while in order to appreciate the focus of this debating
> society.Thereafter your contributions would be most welcome and treasured.
> In particular, we would like to know what you think the role of the state
> should be with reference to the consumer.
> Sanjeev

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