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Taking time off!

Dear friends,

I have been threatening to take time off, but have always come back, and
have slogged on despite pain in the hands, wrists and arms. Each mail I
write seems to somehow take much more time than I allot to it, and causes
distress to my limbs, in addition.

Result: likelihood of missing my Ph.D.! This has to stop. I have to study
for my paper which is now due for circulation as well as presentation,
etc. Business first, debate later. A lot depends on this paper and my
successfully completing the work.

I am taking a serious pledge to not debate in the coming months until my
paper is fully polished up and made ready for publication. My hands will
also hopefully fully recover in this process. Seven months and thousands
of mails later, I do need rest. I am not a machine.

Please therefore do not write to me on ANYTHING, nor expect any reply to
any mail in the coming few months. There is a person for everything: a
coordinator of debates, moderators, web updater/s, etc. The system can run
on its own.

I do not even want to read these debates on a daily basis, and so will
actually unsubscribe myself (I did not want to, but this is the only way
out for me: better that I leave this forum than I miss my Ph.D. for which
I have spent 4 years already). I do trust, however, that the system is
self-sustaining and will keep on running, including the updation of the
web, etc., and that the voices of reason, consideration, and patience,
will always speak. 

I will browse the archives once in a while to keep abreast, though.

Best of luck folks! This time my "vacation" is very very serious. I must
focus on the work at hand.


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