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Let us all become uniform!

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On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Pratap Raju wrote:

> My two bits on UCC.
> There are two options:
> 1] Create a uniform civil code for all Indian residents.
> 2] Allow separate groups to live under their own personal laws.
> Though both issues have their own problems, I believe the lesser of
> the two evils is the first option - UCC. .  There is a fundamental
> inconsistency problem with separate personal laws -- they argue for
> diversity in personal laws, but yet steamroll uniformity within their
> defined groups. 

Let me start the debate as follows: What extent does one want uniformity
in India? Answer my questionnaire:

* Uniformity in the way we brush our teeth	

* Uniformity in the way we comb our hair	

*  ... wear our clothes (remember the blue dress in China durin Mao's
	days? Shall we all start wearing purple saris and red bindis?)

* ... the way we carry out our personal romances (you may not kiss the
	the ears!)

* ... what we eat and the way we eat (let us eat only camels!)

* ... the movies we watch, etc.

* and then:	the laws we have on murder
		the laws we have on torts
		the procedure we follow in our civil procedure ...

Sure: uniformity is important, but ONLY in those areas which impose
negative externalities on me. If you steal somebody else's property, I am
affected seriously since it increases the risk that my property will be
stolen. But if you marry using X, Y or Z method, or divorce using K,L, or
M method, it does not affect me. 

I, for example, have used the Special Marriages Act to officially capture
my wife and to make known to all that may have other intentions: beware!
don't touch this woman! She is officially mine! In olden days, I would
have carried her away with a club on my shoulder. But that is risky in
modern times. All kinds of folks wanting to pounce on this diffused system
of "club marriage."  So, we have official systems - of any type - to
prevent other humans from trying to encroach into our private biological

Therefore I don't quite care for uniformity of either beliefs or the way
you dress, or the way you marry or divorce, unless I am negatively
affected by it. 

I have never been negatively affected by my friends marrying either as
Christians, Muslims or Hindus. I was neither impoverished nor thrown out
of my house. Nor did anyone yet try to steal my wife, since they are all
scared of the official recognition I have of this lifetime capture of a

So: to me the UCC is a dead duck, without any special reasons to motivate
me to propound its cause. If you show me something bad about these diverse
religious laws of marriage that I have missed in my 38 years on this
planet, then I'll reconsider this issue. The only bad thing I found was
corruption, socialism and arrogance to impose one's preferences on others.
That is what I am concerned with.


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