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Re: Identity card

Administrative Note:

Week's Agenda: Social Conditions

  Minimum Wage
  Rules regarding Safety of Personnel at work to be made clear
  Introduction of Social Security Net
  Introduction of identity card
  Removal of Age discrimination at work
  Creating conditions so that reservations will no longer be necessary
At 10:11 AM 10/7/98 -0700, Ash wrote:

>I'm totally in favor of this. During Seshan's tenure as the CEC, a few 
>states actually went about issuing Voter Identification Cards, whereas 
>some others didn't move a muscle. Does anyone know which states got far 
>along this road and which ones are sleeping on the idea?

Just a quick though on this. When we analyze policies for India, we must
use an incremental approach. That is, we cannot not take an issue in
isolation and devise policies on the assumption that everything else in
India is the same as now. We should assume that we are already in power
for secondary matters such as Voter Identification Cards, assume that we
have taken care of more urgent matters.

In this case, we should assume that we have devised a system to ensure
safety of voters (both from physical harm and from tampering with their
voters) by creating a powerful, honest electoral organization that is
from political interference. (As an aside, my suggestion is that the
incumbent be required to leave office 30 days prior to an election to
prevent manipulation and ensure fairness.) After ensuring thus, I
that we will see that Voter ID cards will not become that important
methods may be though of in such a scenario). Indeed, even better would
perhaps be mandatory registration with a district office (?) and
in a computer...

- Pratap Raju

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