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I insist!

On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Ram Narayanan wrote:

> When Sanjeev says that  India must  aim at  being the  # 1 nation in the
> world, I assume he wants India to be  #1 in per capita GDP.
> This is okay as a secular or very long-term objective to be reviewed
> from time to time, as we go along achieving higher and higher GDP
> growth rates flowing from the pursuit of the right economic policies.
> But setting a goal such as "we should be # 1 in GDP per head" is too
> vague to be a policy goal over the short, medium or even longer term.
> The question we should ask ourselves and answer: How can we raise our
> economic growth rate from 6.5 per cent (expected for 1998-99) to a
> CONSISTENTLY high 8, 9, or 10 (or even higher) per cent per annum for
> at least ONE GENERATION.  If we can achieve this objective, it will be
> possible to make a substantial dent on unemployment and poverty and
> get India on a dynamic economic growth path. That is what we should
> talk about.
> When we reach a stage wherein India is within the first 20 or so in
> GDP per head, Sanjeev's point becomes a relevant issue.

We will NEVER NEVER be in the top 20 in the world in GDP per capita unless
you adopt - and the nation adopts ONLY ONE GOAL: crossing over the USA,
and then becoming #1. 

Do not delude yourself about the task. I challenge anyone to look at the
basic facts and to show me where I am wrong. The gap is already 20 TIMES.
How can you possibly overcome this gap unless the whole country decides to
do it and to follow the best policies for that purpose?


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