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Critical Facts

On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Arvind wrote:

> Can someone elaborate on how it has been determined that
> India was in the #1 position in 1750? On what basis does one
> come to this conclusion? Where can I know more about this?
> As far as I know, the life expectation was ~30 and the literacy
> around 16% in 1947. Do you mean to say things were rosy just
> 200 years before that and the British were solely responsible
> for the degradation? Of course, they were responsible for 
> destroying the country, but to such an extent?

Virtually all nations were equal (developing were slightly better off)

a) Adam Smith said so

b) Heilbroner said so


c) Easterlin said so.

I like seeing things in historical perspective. Also, note that the
without the historical perspective you won't understand why I am so
serious about this work. Please take time off to read Easterlin. Else, at
least browse about the IPI website a lot.


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