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A principle for approval

I thought we might consider all issues as being either of category A or
category B.

Category A: 

Those issues which impinge directly on the question of expanding the total
size of the pie in India (target: increase per capita by 230 times in 100
years: very simple target: do we all agree on this target?).

Category B:

Issues which relate to the distribution of the existing pie (which is the
size of a small peanut, anyway!).

I would rather grow richer by increasing my income by 230 times than try
to grab a bite out of your teeny weeny piece of cake. I am not jealous of
your little cake, you see. You can have all your crumbs. While you fight
over the tiny crumbs, I will build my own cake and make it 200 times
bigger so that the crumbs you fight over will show up as the insignificant
things that they are.

Issues like reservation policy, unified civil code, delimitation, etc.,
might affect - marginally, it can be argued, the relative well-being of
certain populations. But they don't affect me. I don't care how you marry
so long as you abide by the Contracts Act and the Penal Code. I don't care
if you get a government job out of reservation or out of merit since I
don't care for a government job AT ALL! In fact, personlly speaking, I am
most likely going to quit this painful job anyway, since I will build a
massive factory and create more wealth out of this brain of mine in one
year than the other job could give me in a lifetime. You see: wealth
creation is different completely from distribution. We want daring
entrepreneurs and fighters. We don't want beggars and whiners, hunting for

Since these issues only impact on the distribution of the EXISTING PIE
and do not enhance either the status of India or the growth of India, I
think these are best dumped into the dust bin, or at least shelved for
the next hundred years till we overtake USA.

On the other hand, the key thing in this non-wealth creation category
would be human rights, rule of law, freedom to choose and non-coercion.
These are very important things, already in the Free citizen piece as well
as in the Preamble. We do not want to enter into details of various things
here. Broad principles of tolerance and patience are enough.

Issues which might harm the rapid expansion of the cake are critical,
thoght, and need thorough scrutiny and debate. For example, how to expand
the infrastructure. These require a complete system change. That is the
purpose of this National Debate and if something good has to come out of
it we will have to decide, formally, and as a group, to rise above
distributional issues.

If this division is approved by all, then we can put this division up in
the preamble, and make sure that we all realize the relevance or
importance of ANY issue in relation to these things: growth (A), freedom
(B) or distribution (B). 

We should completely focus on increasing the size of the cake.

As I claimed and still claim, boldly and arrogantly: give me a tiny plot
of land the size of Singapore ANYWHERE in India, and let me decide policy
completely, and I'll beat Singapore in half the time they took to be what
they are, in wealth and well-being. Let us focus on making Singapores in
every village of India. 

There will be enough time to bicker and fight after 2,100 AD, I assure


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