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Propose the alternative formula

On Tue, 6 Oct 1998, Vinay Chandekar wrote:

> But even more importantly, it most certainly would give birth to a 
> feeling of "resentment" in the hearts of the LGR state because the LGR 
> would be so to say, subsidizing the existence of the HGR states. 

a) You have the choice to migrate to the HGR states if you want to 'enjoy'
those subsidies. These are the poorest states, by the way. Not much fun!
These are high population states because they are poor, and not because
they have grabbed a disproportionate share of India's resources.

b) Why is an assumption made that laws can be distorted to favor these
states to somehow distort things. The Language issue of the 1960s was a
terrible mistake which no one is going to make again. When we are
promoting choice, how can anyone impose such things on others?

c) I do not see any correlation between increasing our income 230 times in
the next 100 years and the issue of reopening the principle of adult
suffrage. A mere distraction. These states will automatically cut down
population once good policies come into place. They don't have more
children in order to grab political power. It is much easier to gain
political power by becoming rich. Like the reservation issue, and the
Uniform civil code issue, this one is NOT at all important for India's
progress. Let us not open the front on all sides and make a mess. Some
things are critical, category A. Like economic policy. Others are category
C, like these issues. My sincere request: let us not rock the boat on
these things if you want to see India prosper. Keeping a LOW profile on
these emotive issues is the only way out. India's boat is very delicately
balanced all the time, anyway. Emotive issues are irrelevant for growth.
Too much hair-splitting on 'fairness' can lead us all astray. 

How does that sound? I'm not preaching: merely asking for perspective. 


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