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Re: Corruption and Pollution as the Same Phenomenon

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Week's Agenda: Social Conditions

  Minimum Wage
  Rules regarding Safety of Personnel at work to be made clear
  Introduction of Social Security Net
  Introduction of identity card
  Removal of Age discrimination at work
  Creating conditions so that reservations will no longer be necessary


This I do think is rather an original idea of mine which may have some
given, e.g. the large interest of the World Bank in both subjects.   I
describe the same at the World Bank's SASVP's office last year, saying
the real problem may be neither corruption nor pollution but a situation
ill-defined property rights, which is what i have said here to the IPI

I would appreciate it if the idea did stay as I phrased it, with any
explanatory notes like the one Mr. Sabhlok has added.

"Corruption involves transforming positively priced public property into
>private property; pollution involves transforming negatively priced
>private property into public property.   I.e.  pollution and corruption are
two sides of the same coin.  Just as corruption involves  >transforming
something of public value into a private asset, so also >pollution
transforming a private waste into a public waste."

Thanks.  SR

>This def. received from Prof. Subroto Roy may please be included in the
>section on environment:

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