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Re: Admn + Fairness

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Week's Agenda: Social Conditions

  Minimum Wage
  Rules regarding Safety of Personnel at work to be made clear
  Introduction of Social Security Net
  Introduction of identity card
  Removal of Age discrimination at work
  Creating conditions so that reservations will no longer be necessary

> So: if at all you wish to debate this issue further you will have to first
> prove that the Rule of our democracy has to be changed arbitrarily
> sometime after we decided in 1947 to award adult suffrage. I don't care
> for the 1971 agreement or whatever. What did we decide while forming into
> a Republic? One person one vote? Yes or No? 


> Fairness is to RULES of the game and not to any one side of the party. I
> am convinced that I made a mistake when I suggested that we should 
> simply split each constituency into two. That would NOT be fair. Each 
> person must have EQUAL representation in the Parliament, which means 
> that the delimitation MUST be based on population size. Anything else 
> would be unfair, and need us to re-define what we are: a Republic of 
> principles or an arbitrary republic.

What you say is fine as long as principles and fairness is concerned.
The problem we have here is one of trust. Why do some states object
to increasing the number of seats in proportion to population?
Obviously due to lack of trust. They don't trust that the system will 
be FAIR if this is done. They believe that the number of seats will
be misused ( their argument is that if it was done once to force hindi
on them just to disadvantage them, it could be done again)
Please come up with a plan to win back the trust and then whatever
you say can be implemented.

Please don't try to convince me. I already subscribe to the views
you have stated. All I need to know is how the trust can be won back.

> Let me assure you that people in BIMARU states did not reproduce more
> rapidly out of the great urge to get more seats in the Parliament. These
> are the poorest states of India and they had more babies for causes which
> we have already explored. I assure you that our suffering in India will
> NOT become lesser if we freeze the seats the way they are. My
> recommendation: let the basic Rule of association be obeyed and let each
> person get one vote and an EQUAL representation.

whatever rule you want to pass should be done AFTER creating the 
conditions for it. Otherwise it will be disastrous. If the government
one fine day decides that reservation is not fair and scrapped it
overnight, the consequences will be terrible.  


what have you proved? you've stated some obvious facts which cannot
be implemented in india due to many reasons.


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