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Action: time to begin.

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Suresh Anand wrote:

> The Group is coming up with a very powerful message. The most difficult
> task is going to be how to get it across to the masses in India a large
> percentage of whom are not even literate, leave aside having access to
> internet. Yet we must do it, and with the excellent support that we are
> receiving, we shall.
> I look forward to the day when new leadership inspired by the IP
> philosophy
> will take over the reins of the Nation. God speed to all of you in this
> very worthy cause.

a) This message is far more complicated and difficult to understand than
the simplistic message of communism. I have seen communist flyers of a
very poor quality influence thousands of young boys in Assam toward the
ULFA, and thence to the killing fields, since the principal message of Mao
has been that power flows from the barrel of a gun. The message we have is
pale in comparison: it speaks of reason, hard work, competition,
education, debate. It speaks of markets as the essence of democracy. It is
really a very complex message.

We need writers who really understand these things to write very brief,
one/two page flyers telling why communism/ scientific socialism/ fabian
socialism will not and cannot work. Any volunteers?

b) Second, IPI will never be involved with carrying these messages to the
people directly. It is a purely non-political debating forum. It will
debate, and publish. It may train people. But will never go beyond that. 

But I know and all of us know that this task is only a first step. Almost
none of us will be satisfied if the only end of this work is a 20-page
document, updated annually. Then what?

Then, the next step will be a key step - that of transmitting the key
message to the remote villages of India. The carrying of the message, the
attempt to show people that hard work and competition is better than
killing each other, or hoping that government will somehow step in to fill
their stomach.

If anyone wishes to start preparing the groundwork for any advocacy
association or group which will carry the message of this group (to be
published on 1/1/2000) IN INDIA (as against the USA) to the people, it is
time perhaps to start thinking about it.

People are thinking of these things outside India, but that is only a
start. For the desired change/s to come about the People will have to
decide to propagate this - rather difficult - message. It may take many
years, even decades, for the People to understand this message. There are
no guns to be used here. Nothing but discussion and debate. Then, and only
then, will change start to occur. Else we will see these strange things
like we saw in the past 7 years: some sporadic 'liberalization,' then
slowing down, and then, finally, a brake.

Well, enough said. Now, all those who generally like to accept challenges
in their life and to generally mess up their personal lives trying to
achieve "impossible" goals - please stand up and be counted. We are ready
to mess up your lives by giving you some challenge/s.

We have 116 people here today. Only one of you - in India - is needed, to
begin the task. Only one. Are you the leader we all are looking for? You
must be committed to propagating the best and most scientific policies
that arise, as a consequence of these debates. No need to kill people, by
the way. You will not be sent to Burma for training. No need even to be
corrupt and morally degraded. You will never be asked to tell a lie, nor
to declare false statements about your electoral expenses, nor even
expected to discuss personalities who rule India, no matter how perverted
or degraded some of them might be. Just talk policy. You don't have to do
satyagrahas, nor any acting in films. Just be a nice, regular person, who
understands how the world functions and who is willing to talk about the
best policies. With a little bit of enthusiasm, a little bit of humour,
and a little bit of concern for our poor.

If you fit the above description, you are THE ONE, who will begin the
great chain reaction India needs. Apply to lead India to glory after 100
years. Well, actually, millions of such leaders are needed. So there is
unlikely to be any rejection of your application! Just apply!

I am sure Utkarsh and others in BDP with whom these debates started off in
the first place, and whose enthusiasm for improving India is pure, clean
and rare (very rare, indeed, given the HUGE cynicism among Indian youth,
generally, and in our civil servants, everybody), can help you in this
task. Many of them hope to go back to India to do precisely this task of
propagation.  But don't trust in that - since it is not easy to go back
when you have no source of livelihood waiting for you. Anyhow, please
write directly to Utkarsh if you are interested in moving beyond the
debates and into action. I trust you will be with good company.


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